class of 2011 | the magnificent seven with julia | syracuse senior photography

Following on the heels of the Newport graveyards, I thought it would be fun to post this next senior session.  Julia's was the last of the season, and the fact that she was game for a cemetery stroll was the perfect way for me to end the 2011 senior season.  Finally, a shoot in the cemetery!  We chased the light until it was no more, and then I closed the door on this incredible senior season.

Thank you Julia for being the last.  We most definitely had a blast!

julia in skaneateles graveyard

julia at rosalie's

class of 2011 | the magnificent seven with mary | syracuse senior photography

Continuing on with the series of the seven bestfriends from Manlius Pebble Hill School, Mary made her way to me for her own session.  Being that she plays polo, we decided to start the shoot at the polo fields even though it was closed for the winter.  Though quiet from the normal sounds of the busy polo season, we had fun using the empty stalls as our backdrop.  The Village later gave us a field of flags to play with as well.  Like Camille in an earlier post with her bold necklace, I loved Mary's black shoes she changed into when we hit the Village.  Check them out.  They are the bomb.

Thank you Amanda for letting us use the polo fields and your beautiful red barn up the road.

Mary, I wish you the best life has to offer, and the best of luck with the remainder of your senior year!

Class of 2011 ● the magnificent seven with camille ● syracuse senior photography

I don't even know where to start with Camille.

Camille is the second of the Magnificent Seven series and the only way I can describe the shoot is with the word "bold".  I say this because Camille had this incredible necklace she simply stated was bold.  And that was it.  Bold was our word for the afternoon, our inspiration for some of the madness that Fall day.  I still smile just thinking about it.

I love the Magnificent Seven series because they each have their own unique personality that truly comes across in each of their shoots.  I cannot wait to blog the remaining 5 so  you can see for yourself  how 7 girls in similar settings can come across so incredibly different.

Thank you Camille.  You are truly bold.

Class of 2011 ● kealy ● skaneateles senior photography

I have known Kealy since she was little, and I am sure if I dig through my boxes of old personal photographs I could easily find a few of her from way  back in the day.  So, needless to say when she asked me to do her senior photos I was thrilled.

Thank you Kealy. It was alot of fun that afternoon, and in many ways very nostalgic.

I love what I do.

Class of 2011 ● Haviland

At last!

I am finally getting around to blogging some of my fabulous seniors this year and I really didn't know where to start.  Haviland is one of the Magnificent Seven that I just had a ball photographing this past season.  The Magnificent Seven, this is a nickname I have given them, are 7 best friends whom I had the privilege of spending afternoons driving around and laughing.  I will post each one in the order they came to me with Haviland being the first.  She was the reason why the other 6 called me.  Thank you Haviland!!

lauren + monty I skaneateles senior photography

It's getting that time again for seniors and since the season here in upstate New York really doesn't start until the summer, I thought I would post some of my favorites from last season that I never got a chance to blog.

Last week I decided to get out of dodge and visit my friend Andrea in Saratoga Springs, the land of horses.  While there I was thinking about how much I love them and remembered my sessions I had last season with a few seniors and their horses and decided to share. I love horses.  I love being around them. I admire the people who own and take care of these noble animals.

Thank you Lauren & Monty.  It was alot of fun.  Thank goodness for Ariat boots and peppermints!

Monty's session

Victoria & the vintage Cadillac

Victoria had contacted me about photographing her senior portrait and emailed me the dress she had worn for her Junior prom last spring.  She was hoping we could do something fun with her in it.  As soon as I saw the dress I immediately called Tom who owns the Red Rooster Pub right down the street from my studio because he had the ultimate prop for this shoot.  A vintage Cadillac convertible!  Tom, as busy as he is, graciously brought the car or us to play with, and that we did.  Thank you Tom, this session would not have been the same without your great car!  And, or anyone who wants the best burger you must go to the Rooster! Victoria, I had a blast with you and here are just a few I quickly picked out o the bunch!



New Designs for High School Seniors!

Thought I would share some of the layouts I have sent some of my clients that I really like, including my own daughter.  Graduation is approaching fast and I have been busy with my seniors creating unique and beautiful invitations to their graduation and parties.  One idea that is catching on is the bookmark.  This is a great way to give all your friends and family your information as to where you are going in the Fall. I just love doing these and am always excited when they come in and I get to see them as the final product.  Thank you again to all my great seniors from the Class of 2009.  I had a ball with each and everyone of you!  Good luck and see you all at the Commencement!!! Simple 5x7 flat card with bookmark

5x7 wide format card

5x7 horizontal flat card

5x7 Flat Card

5x7 Flat Card

2009 Seniors - It's that time of year!

I just got back from visiting the school my daughter will be attending in the Fall and I could have sworn she was born just the other day.  Where does the time go?  It was fun watching her and her brother walk the campus chatting.  I wonder what they were thinking.  Of course, they didn't share.  They have their own little world.   Anyway, being back in the studio this morning I decided to post some of the announcements and collages I offer for my seniors.  I really have a blast when I am photographing them.  Each one with their own personality and vibe.  Each shoot is so different and I love when the parents come and pick up the proofbooks.  They, as I did, clutch them like treasure.  The look on their faces as they quickly flip through the book in the studio before bringing it home is priceless.  It makes my day. senior1senior2senior3