In between storm clouds!

Again, this was a session between storm fronts involving 8 children and we had to move fast before the rain began again.  I have been photographing Caroline and Francis' children for a few years now and this summer Caroline's brother and his family came to visit from England.  Being that they were here she thought it would be great to attempt a session.  As always, it is chaos with them and one must act very quickly!  These are my favorite types of sessions! We avoided the next storm and here are a few to look at!


A very windy afternoon!

Oh my gosh, it could not have been any windier than it was the afternoon I took photos of the Kathy & Kevin's family down by the lake.  Wind and all, we somehow managed to get alot of great shots in and laugh at the same time.  The kids were just perfect to work with and at the end of the shoot they were all allowed to jump into the lake with their clothes on!!  How cool was that. Here is a peek at a few from the session.  Thank you Kathy and Kevin!bla4


Tessa & Hobbs

Yesterday I had a senior session with Tessa and her horse Hobbs.  I met them at the barn and we began the session and realized quickly Hobbs had nothing to do with the reflector I had hoped to use.  I had given Tessa the round disc for her to slowly show Hobbs so that he would not be frightened of it.  All went well as she held it and his eyes popped open a bit but seemed calm and cool with it.  However, once Tessa was in place and I raised the big scary thing, he took off!  That was the end of the reflector.  It's not like it's a dog running away.  It's a big 1300lbs animal on the loose! It was alot of fun and I loved the fact Tessa could do anything with Hobbs (with the exception of the reflector) and he would just play along.  It's obvious there is an intense trust level there.  What a great way to start the day.  For anyone who loves horses and barns, you know what I mean!

Here's a few to peek at.

Thank you Tessa and Hobbs for a great morning.


Hobbs, after we got him back from his trot

Tessa & Hobbs


Just love this one


LOVE this one!

This girl just ROCKS!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me and I have so much to edit and blog, but I just had to peek into part two of Samantha's senior session yestrday with her new short hair and she rocked!  Don't you just love the black boots and the old barstool from what looks like from Morris's that I got somehow a few years ago. Here are a few I pulled from the lot.  Thank you Samantha!








A Major 4th of July!

On the morning of July 4th I got together with some old friends of mine for a family session starting at their house and then ending up in the gardens of The Kreb's here in Skaneateles.  Needless to say, thank goodness I am not a Sears photographer!  As any on location photographer knows, when there are children involved and the great outdoors, they dictate and set the mood for the session!  Which in my case I love.  I love the unscripted scene and the freedom these types of shoots have and this is why I love what I do.  It makes me feel free from all the stress in the world and in my head.  It is also where you truly capture who they are that day, and you can either laugh or simply cry for mercy.  For me, this is bliss and when the photos appear full screen on my monitor the eyes of the child just takes my breath away and I realized how lucky I am that I do what I do. Susan and Matt, thank you for letting me peek into your world that morning and capture who you are at this very moment.  My thoughts are always with you.

In their little neighborhood

In the gardens at the Kreb's

So serious..


Hello, this is why I love what I do....she took my breath away

Oooh, this did not end well.  But great recovery!

End of the show

The girls just HAD to ride home with me in the Punch Bug!