impeccably done ● interior design ● lisa terhune

Lisa Terhune is the heart and soul behind Impeccably Done, an interior design studio based here in Skaneateles.  The first time I worked with Lisa we spent a couple of days photographing several of her client's beautiful homes.   Walking through these homes it was amazing how her sense of style and talent complimented the architecture, giving it just that right touch.  Lisa truly has impeccable taste and it comes through as you browse her sneak peek gallery.

Anyway, with the studio blooming, Lisa needed a series of portraits to use for her website, portfolio and other promotional pieces.  It was a fun afternoon, and I just loved her adorable little assistant Roxie.  I think every artist should have one.

Thank you Lisa.  You are most definitely from the land of Fabulouscity.  Roxie too.

In between storm clouds!

Again, this was a session between storm fronts involving 8 children and we had to move fast before the rain began again.  I have been photographing Caroline and Francis' children for a few years now and this summer Caroline's brother and his family came to visit from England.  Being that they were here she thought it would be great to attempt a session.  As always, it is chaos with them and one must act very quickly!  These are my favorite types of sessions! We avoided the next storm and here are a few to look at!


A very windy afternoon!

Oh my gosh, it could not have been any windier than it was the afternoon I took photos of the Kathy & Kevin's family down by the lake.  Wind and all, we somehow managed to get alot of great shots in and laugh at the same time.  The kids were just perfect to work with and at the end of the shoot they were all allowed to jump into the lake with their clothes on!!  How cool was that. Here is a peek at a few from the session.  Thank you Kathy and Kevin!bla4


A Major 4th of July!

On the morning of July 4th I got together with some old friends of mine for a family session starting at their house and then ending up in the gardens of The Kreb's here in Skaneateles.  Needless to say, thank goodness I am not a Sears photographer!  As any on location photographer knows, when there are children involved and the great outdoors, they dictate and set the mood for the session!  Which in my case I love.  I love the unscripted scene and the freedom these types of shoots have and this is why I love what I do.  It makes me feel free from all the stress in the world and in my head.  It is also where you truly capture who they are that day, and you can either laugh or simply cry for mercy.  For me, this is bliss and when the photos appear full screen on my monitor the eyes of the child just takes my breath away and I realized how lucky I am that I do what I do. Susan and Matt, thank you for letting me peek into your world that morning and capture who you are at this very moment.  My thoughts are always with you.

In their little neighborhood

In the gardens at the Kreb's

So serious..


Hello, this is why I love what I do....she took my breath away

Oooh, this did not end well.  But great recovery!

End of the show

The girls just HAD to ride home with me in the Punch Bug!

Ms. Samantha, Cujo and a cow

Yesterday was my first high school senior session for the Class of 2010 and it was a full of little surprises.  We first started at the studio for the traditional portrait and then packed up the gear, clothes and a chair and went scouting for cool places to takes some shots.  We started in the village, then off to Clift Park where a crew member of The Judge Ben Wiles kindly let us aboard so we could grab some shots on the boat.  From there we went to the Sherwood Inn for a few there and then off we went on our adventure in the countryside. While driving around a few weeks ago I had found this great truck that I knew would be a cool backdrop, so off we went in search of the Chevy.  We were doing well with the Chevy shots, having a great time, thinking of neat ways to photograph Samantha until we were up on the road for some shots there when all of the sudden a big black drooling Cujo looking dog came up from where the truck was....he was not a happy camper!  Needless to say, I highly doubt I will be going back there unless I have a huge steak for him.  Then again, he really looked like he would have rather captured his meal!  We got into the car and left.  While driving back home we saw some great hay wagons on the side of the road so we stopped and grabbed a few shots there as well.  Not soon after we got there we had created a fuss with the cows in the field next to the wagons, we now had an audience.  One actually snorted at us!  I think they thought Samantha would look better with a pair of the earrings they were all wearing.

Oh well, here's a few from yesterdays session.  A great start for 2010!

Thank you Samantha!





On The Judge Ben Wiles


Chevy Truck


ooooh, there's Cujo



The little cows...

A Farewell Shoot...

Last week I had my farewell session with a family that I have been photographing since 2003 and have since become friends with.  Being that Father's Day is approaching, they thought it would be neat to do one last session here before they move to Nashville this summer as a surprise to their dad.  I think we are all in denial they are leaving.  I look at these and realize that time goes fast.  I began to run through my head all the other sessions we had in either the warm summer months where we took our time, or the Christmas card shoots in 15-20 degree weather by the infamous tree in their yard that literally lasted only moments because we were all freezing!  I smile at the memories.  Here are a few from the shoot that made me smile. I will miss all of you, as we all will.  I will also never look at the tree in the same way....