class of 2011 | marcellus high school | marcellus senior photography

Being that the Senior Ball for Marcellus High School is this upcoming Saturday, I thought it would be appropriate to post a few photos from my Marcellus seniors.  Matt's session was filled with talk of films and music as we walked around the Village and then Benson Road.  Miss Corey's session was all over God's creation on theeee hottest day of the summer last year, but some how we survived!  We started in the Village of  Skaneateles where Mid Lakes Navigation kindly let us aboard the Judge Ben Wiles for some shots.  Then it was off to Anyela's Vineyards and Benson Road.

Have fun Saturday night at your Senior Ball, and good luck at Graduation!  Thank you both for letting me be a small part of your senior year!

marcellus high school seniormarcellus high school senior

archiving shamrock | kinsey 2004

My personal mission the past several months has been to organize all of my personal photographs into one location.  Going back to 2003 when I first went digital with my Nikon D100, I am amazed at how many photographs I have taken over the years.  I'm also shocked at how many remain tucked away in folders either on my studio hard drives, laptop, or my G4 tower at home.  They are all waiting to say hello again.

2004 brings me to a folder titled Shamrock B/W Series.  Inside I find the series of studio light portraits I did with my children when I lived on Shamrock Road here in Skaneateles.  Kinsey was only 12 when we took these, and now at 20 I still see these emotions in her.

Kinsey will be coming home next week after finishing her second year of college.  I think I will try to convince her to do a second series of black and white photographs.  I'm sure she'll agree it's time.

I love you McGrew, and I can't wait to see that little beat up Saab come flying into the driveway.


kinsey at shamrock

kinsey at shamrock

tiptoe through the tulips with lauren + jimmy • skaneateles engagement photography

Okay, so we didn't tiptoe through the tulips, but we did tiptoe and laugh through the beautiful Sycamore Hill Gardens one summer afternoon.  I titled the post tiptoe because as I was going through the images, I was reminded of when I was a child and my father used to watch a variety show called Roland & Martin Laugh In.  One night, way back when, Tiny Tim was a guest and he sang a song called "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" with a ukulele.  For some reason that memory popped into my head as I looking through the gallery and now I can't stop thinking about it.  You have to check it out. It's a riot.

Anyway, back to Lauren and Jimmy!  We indeed laughed the whole time while discovering the gardens.  We were amazed at all the sculptures hidden here and there.  However, the one we found in the middle of the maze made us pause.  Lauren and Jimmy, you know which one I am talking about!  We just stood there looking at it, not quite sure what to make of it.  I think I might have even dropped my camera.

Well, I look forward to photographing your beautiful wedding in 2012!  Thank you for a great afternoon.

sycamore hill gardens

sycamore hill gardens

sycamore hill gardens

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impeccably done ● interior design ● lisa terhune

Lisa Terhune is the heart and soul behind Impeccably Done, an interior design studio based here in Skaneateles.  The first time I worked with Lisa we spent a couple of days photographing several of her client's beautiful homes.   Walking through these homes it was amazing how her sense of style and talent complimented the architecture, giving it just that right touch.  Lisa truly has impeccable taste and it comes through as you browse her sneak peek gallery.

Anyway, with the studio blooming, Lisa needed a series of portraits to use for her website, portfolio and other promotional pieces.  It was a fun afternoon, and I just loved her adorable little assistant Roxie.  I think every artist should have one.

Thank you Lisa.  You are most definitely from the land of Fabulouscity.  Roxie too.

skaneateles bridal show ● skaneateles weddings

If you have a chance and are in the Skaneateles area, or decide you need a little winter getaway weekend, please take a quick little roadtrip up West Lake Road to Anyela's Vineyards and spend a fun afternoon checking out the Pure Wedding Wonderland Bridal Show. I have worked with both Luke and Marty as well as the fabulous Katie Lemos Brown and they are simply awesome!  I encourage everyone to come and enjoy an afternoon of fabulous people, cuisine and wine!

So, come out and play!

Skaneateles Bridal Show

Class of 2011 ● skaneateles senior photography

What a fabulous afternoon with Kelly Jo!  I love when we have a beautiful afternoon and we can walk through the Village of Skaneateles and find cool little places to shoot.  One of my favorites is The Judge Ben Wiles.  Thank you Amy and Libby for always letting me aboard!  What a great prop. Kelly Jo loved it!

Thank you Kelly Jo.  I had a wonderful time and I wish you the best in your Senior year!  You are absolutely fabulous!