archiving shamrock | kinsey 2004

My personal mission the past several months has been to organize all of my personal photographs into one location.  Going back to 2003 when I first went digital with my Nikon D100, I am amazed at how many photographs I have taken over the years.  I'm also shocked at how many remain tucked away in folders either on my studio hard drives, laptop, or my G4 tower at home.  They are all waiting to say hello again.

2004 brings me to a folder titled Shamrock B/W Series.  Inside I find the series of studio light portraits I did with my children when I lived on Shamrock Road here in Skaneateles.  Kinsey was only 12 when we took these, and now at 20 I still see these emotions in her.

Kinsey will be coming home next week after finishing her second year of college.  I think I will try to convince her to do a second series of black and white photographs.  I'm sure she'll agree it's time.

I love you McGrew, and I can't wait to see that little beat up Saab come flying into the driveway.


kinsey at shamrock

kinsey at shamrock