senior book one!

Being that it is winter and what I consider my quiet time, I send the cameras off to be cleaned and updated and I can have a different fun by designing wedding albums and now the Senior Album.

This is a great way to include all your favorite photos from your session in one place.  You can use the album just as is, or you can have it designed to leave open space so that your friends and family can sign the book if you are having a graduation party!  It's a great addition to your Yearbook, but this book is all about you!

Here's a peek at one.

hardcover of the book

page 1

pages 2/3

pages 4/5

pages 6/7

pages 8/9

pages 10/11

pages 12/13

pages 14/15

pages 16/17

pages 18/19

page 20

RJ & a Kawasaki I Skaneateles Senior Photography

When I was a kid my father built custom motorcycles for professional racers and my brother and I were surrounded by motorcycles and the world of racing. So, I was excited when RJ decided to bring his bike along for the shoot.  I loved that it was all scuffed up and truly used in racing.  What a blast I had with him and his mom that morning. Thank you RJ for bringing back a little bit of my childhood!




love the boots



Katherine & a Red Scooter I Skaneateles Senior Photography

Before I left to take my daughter to college that night, Katherine and I got together and cruised around town taking shots of her at places she wanted to go to.  We started at the lake and then we were off to a little airport to take photos of her and her new Red Scooter!  I sooooo want one of these! Thank you Katherine.  It's was truly fun for me to see you through my lens no longer the little girl from Mom's and Kid's but now a beautiful intelligent young woman with the world ahead of you.  Especially on that Red Scooter!  Someday, I will get one!

Here are a few!









Grace, a Steinway and lots of books I Skaneateles Senior Photography

A few weeks ago Grace, her mother and I got together early one morning at their home to take photos of Grace at her piano which is stunning as well as she with that amazing red hair.  After a few shots of her at home we went to the studio and started setting up all of the books in the little field behind the parking lot.  Grace loves her piano and loves reading, so they felt this is what Grace is all about. What a wonderful morning it was and as always with laughs.  Stacking all those books was a bit of a challenge, but with quite a few sticks at the base of the stack they seemed pretty stable.  We just made sure Grace didn't go too close!

Here are a few I love.  Thank you Grace for "gracing" my blog this morning!

Grace with her piano

Grace with one of her favorite books

Just Grace

A little peek a boo

Don't touch the books!

My favorite

Victoria & the vintage Cadillac

Victoria had contacted me about photographing her senior portrait and emailed me the dress she had worn for her Junior prom last spring.  She was hoping we could do something fun with her in it.  As soon as I saw the dress I immediately called Tom who owns the Red Rooster Pub right down the street from my studio because he had the ultimate prop for this shoot.  A vintage Cadillac convertible!  Tom, as busy as he is, graciously brought the car or us to play with, and that we did.  Thank you Tom, this session would not have been the same without your great car!  And, or anyone who wants the best burger you must go to the Rooster! Victoria, I had a blast with you and here are just a few I quickly picked out o the bunch!



This girl just ROCKS!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me and I have so much to edit and blog, but I just had to peek into part two of Samantha's senior session yestrday with her new short hair and she rocked!  Don't you just love the black boots and the old barstool from what looks like from Morris's that I got somehow a few years ago. Here are a few I pulled from the lot.  Thank you Samantha!








2009 Seniors - It's that time of year!

I just got back from visiting the school my daughter will be attending in the Fall and I could have sworn she was born just the other day.  Where does the time go?  It was fun watching her and her brother walk the campus chatting.  I wonder what they were thinking.  Of course, they didn't share.  They have their own little world.   Anyway, being back in the studio this morning I decided to post some of the announcements and collages I offer for my seniors.  I really have a blast when I am photographing them.  Each one with their own personality and vibe.  Each shoot is so different and I love when the parents come and pick up the proofbooks.  They, as I did, clutch them like treasure.  The look on their faces as they quickly flip through the book in the studio before bringing it home is priceless.  It makes my day. senior1senior2senior3