impeccably done ● interior design ● lisa terhune

Lisa Terhune is the heart and soul behind Impeccably Done, an interior design studio based here in Skaneateles.  The first time I worked with Lisa we spent a couple of days photographing several of her client's beautiful homes.   Walking through these homes it was amazing how her sense of style and talent complimented the architecture, giving it just that right touch.  Lisa truly has impeccable taste and it comes through as you browse her sneak peek gallery.

Anyway, with the studio blooming, Lisa needed a series of portraits to use for her website, portfolio and other promotional pieces.  It was a fun afternoon, and I just loved her adorable little assistant Roxie.  I think every artist should have one.

Thank you Lisa.  You are most definitely from the land of Fabulouscity.  Roxie too.