picking flowers at skaneateles town square ● skaneateles wedding photographer

Last season a new florist emerged and it was in my own backyard!  Skaneateles Town Square is our local Ace Hardware store and it's massive!  It has everything anyone could possibly need for their home and garden and now weddings!  I hope to see more of their flowers at his season's weddings!

Good luck Town Square.  You are off to a great start!


Well, it's been a little crazy in my life between weddings, portraits and my daughter's high school graduation this past weekend that I haven't really been able to post anything.  And since I have not had the chance to edit any of the sessions I have shot the past week or finish a wedding from June I thought I might do a quick one about flowers and the florists I have worked with over the years.  Come Wednesday when everything calms down and family has flown away, I can get back to the grind and really focus. Anyhoo, I have had the opportunity to photograph some of the most fabulous florists in the Syracuse area the past 4 years starting with Folls Flower Farm.  When I shot my very first solo wedding back in 2005 I just fell in love with the bride's flowers.  They were simple and so easy going.  Everywhere I turned I smiled at the little bouquets and table pieces.  After the wedding I designed a very neat mini portfolio featuring the flowers from that first wedding and went up to Folls Flower Farm to meet the owner and introduce myself.  I was floored at what I saw.  It is an actual flower farm with rows of flowers for brides to come look at and see what is in bloom at the time of their wedding.  I met Thea and all I can say is that she is a flowerchild.  She's laid back, loves her flowers and loves what she does.

Here is a sample of her work from a couple of weddings I shot with her flowers.

Wedding on Skaneateles Lake

Wedding in Skaneateles with bright beautiful colors

The simplicity of Thea

The next florist I love working with is Whistlestop in Manlius.  Okay, Nan's designs and arrangements are just stunning and over the top.  The detail in their flowers is unbelievable and I am always in awe when I see them.  Again, I introduced myself to Nan and Kim after I shot an incredible wedding back in 2006 where they were the florist.  Everytime I turned around there was something floral and beautiful.  Sweet is what I always say when I see Nan and her crew show up at the wedding because there is just so much to capture and there is always a surprise at every corner.  I can go nuts with their flowers.

Here are a few from Whistlestop.

A wedding in Skaneateles

Flowers everywhere at the Skaneateles Country Club.  Amazing.

Details and more around the corner!

Next on my little tour is Fleur de Lis here in Skaneateles.  Sandy just has colors nailed and her flowers are just so rich looking.  Like little jewels with amazing colors and textures.  I am always amazed at what she has put in the bouquets because they look so cool.  I love Sandy's fall bouquets and they always seem to match the bride perfectly.  Just take a look.  They are beautiful and all you want to do is just touch them!

A little October wedding

A September wedding with stunning colors

A florist I have just recently become acquainted with is Nino from Backyard Garden.  Sweet, sweet flowers.  From a very simple March wedding with tulips and peonies to an amazing blast of colors for a May wedding. The flowers from the March wedding looked like candy and were just lovely.  As we all know, March in Central New York is pretty dreary and gray.  Nino made the day come alive with these beautiful flowers.  Made you forget the gray of the March landscape.

A March wedding with simple tulips

The reception at The Lodge

A May Wedding with a burst of color

Just LOVE the gerber daisy in the bowl.  So crisp and clean.

So, these are some of the florists I have worked with and love to photograph.  I am looking forward to working with them again this wedding season and hope to discover more great artists this year and the years to come.  Thank you all for creating such beautiful works of art for us photographers who love capturing these beautiful gems!