class of 2011 | the magnificent seven with julia | syracuse senior photography

Following on the heels of the Newport graveyards, I thought it would be fun to post this next senior session.  Julia's was the last of the season, and the fact that she was game for a cemetery stroll was the perfect way for me to end the 2011 senior season.  Finally, a shoot in the cemetery!  We chased the light until it was no more, and then I closed the door on this incredible senior season.

Thank you Julia for being the last.  We most definitely had a blast!

julia in skaneateles graveyard

julia at rosalie's

Class of 2011 ● the magnificent seven with camille ● syracuse senior photography

I don't even know where to start with Camille.

Camille is the second of the Magnificent Seven series and the only way I can describe the shoot is with the word "bold".  I say this because Camille had this incredible necklace she simply stated was bold.  And that was it.  Bold was our word for the afternoon, our inspiration for some of the madness that Fall day.  I still smile just thinking about it.

I love the Magnificent Seven series because they each have their own unique personality that truly comes across in each of their shoots.  I cannot wait to blog the remaining 5 so  you can see for yourself  how 7 girls in similar settings can come across so incredibly different.

Thank you Camille.  You are truly bold.