wppi 2011 • las vegas!

Alice at WPPI Las Vegas!

One of the things I love about my business is that I can go to this awesome conference every year to check out new products, take classes, and most important touch base with all the wonderful vendors that are a big part of my business.  It's great to see them every year and chat face to face instead of over the phone or email.  This year Erica came with me to check out the show and have a little bit of fun.  The funniest part was having Elvis take our photos at the famous Las Vegas sign as we were on our way to airport.  You can check him out with Erica's photo.  He was a riot.

I learned alot of new things, met some cool people, held and fell in love with my next camera, and dreamed as I walked through the Louis Vuitton store in City Centre.  For anyone who really knows me, you just know how much I love my Louis.

Can't wait until WPPI 2012!