pirates of the marina

This year Schyler and I decided to pull our sailboat off of Skaneateles Lake and sail with the big dogs on Lake Ontario. Even though Skaneateles is a stunning lake, it was getting too small and we felt as though we were little goldfish swimming around and around the same bowl. That being said, we found a new home for Blue 30 at the amazing Fair Point Marina in Fair Haven, New York. We adore this marina because for one, our very good friends Jon and Arline Libby are there during the summer, and two, the marina and it's owners are super neat and have an annual summer bash for all of their boaters and campers. You just can't go wrong here. Thank you Tim and Cheryl for a lovely spot to spend our weekends, and a nice place for Blue 30 to chill while we're gone. Jon and Arline, you guys are great too!!!