kristen + nicholas | lourdes camp

I have been real bad about blogging this winter, but now that all my albums are complete and all my winter work is ready for prime time I thought it was best I start focusing on my blog before wedding season starts this weekend!! With that said, this is Kristen & Nick's wedding from last June at Lourdes Camp.

venue lourdes camp wedding coordinator megan hiltbrand florist whistlestop makeup erica abdo videographer mary beth longo

katie + hadley | skaneateles wedding photographer

Katie & Hadley were married in her childhood backyard here in Skaneateles this past July. The day started with lots of rain :-(  which caused the ceremony to be moved to another location in the backyard.  Luckily for all, the rain finally stopped and the sun peeked upon them right at sunset.


venue: katie's backyard

wedding planner: danielle fleck events 

makeup: erica abdo

caterer: sherwood inn

flowers: folls flowers

adrian + colin | skaneateles wedding photographer

It's nice when winter time comes and I spend these cold quiet days designing my couple's wedding albums. As I look outside the studio window I see skeleton trees, gray skies and snowflakes. Some pretty and some down right ugly. As I turn back to my computer screen, I see beautiful summer days and I smile.

I just designed Adrian and Colin's album and thought I would do a quick snapshot of their wedding.

ceremony | willard chapel

reception | sherwood inn

wedding photos | hobbit hollow

cake | patisserie

flowers | julie's flowers

music | digger jones

michelle + mike | skaneateles wedding photography

I first met Michelle when she was about 11.  She started as a mother's helper and then became the babysitter for my children.   I watched as she grew up, went off the college, and then came home to teach.  On a beautiful August day, I watched Michelle get married to a wonderful man through my lens.  What an extraordinary moment for me to be able to capture all of it.  Thank you Michelle for entrusting me with this day.  Mike, you're awesome too!  Morgan and've always been there for me.


batter up! | chrissy + matthew | Indianapolis wedding photographer

Chrissy and Matthew were high school sweethearts, college sweethearts, and on a beautiful September day in their hometown of Indianapolis they became lifetime sweethearts.  They were the most adorable couple, and I had such a wonderful weekend with them and their families that I really didn't want to leave Indianapolis.  What a great city to hang out in and I look forward to going back sometime in the future.

One of the funnest things about their wedding was that a friend of theirs had the key to their old high school where they first met.  Being that Matthew was the pitcher of the baseball ball team, we started on the diamond.  After that it was time for some high jinks in the halls of the school itself!  For a brief moment we were all high school kids again running through the halls with no fear of getting caught and thrown into detention for not having hall passes.  I still smile at the memory.

Thank you Chrissy and Matthew for a special weekend.  A big thanks to Schyler who drove us there and back, and who helped capture the day with me.  But most of all, I want to thank my dear friend Lisa and her family for letting me share in this very special day for her little brother.  Though I am from San Francisco, I truly left my heart In Indianapolis.  xo

tiptoe through the tulips with lauren + jimmy • skaneateles engagement photography

Okay, so we didn't tiptoe through the tulips, but we did tiptoe and laugh through the beautiful Sycamore Hill Gardens one summer afternoon.  I titled the post tiptoe because as I was going through the images, I was reminded of when I was a child and my father used to watch a variety show called Roland & Martin Laugh In.  One night, way back when, Tiny Tim was a guest and he sang a song called "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" with a ukulele.  For some reason that memory popped into my head as I looking through the gallery and now I can't stop thinking about it.  You have to check it out. It's a riot.

Anyway, back to Lauren and Jimmy!  We indeed laughed the whole time while discovering the gardens.  We were amazed at all the sculptures hidden here and there.  However, the one we found in the middle of the maze made us pause.  Lauren and Jimmy, you know which one I am talking about!  We just stood there looking at it, not quite sure what to make of it.  I think I might have even dropped my camera.

Well, I look forward to photographing your beautiful wedding in 2012!  Thank you for a great afternoon.

sycamore hill gardens

sycamore hill gardens

sycamore hill gardens

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