summer yet? I am so ready for fun in the sun!

Okay, winter is wearing on me and I as drive by our frozen lake I start to crave for those long summer days.  It's always this time of year where I start yearning for the  days on our sailboat and the afternoons I can escape the studio and hang out with the instructors of SCC Sail School.  I love those afternoons.  Not only because it's a release, but it's also a way for me to spend a summer afternoon with my kids who sail with SCC. So, with this feeling I dug into the SCC Sail School files from last summer and found some fun images to share and make me feel warm and look forward to what is just around the corner!

I just wish I could tap my shoes 3 times and it would be summer.

Holy Titan! l Newport Racing

Today my daughter Kinsey was invited to the practice sail of Titan 15, a 75' race boat which will be racing tomorrow in the Ida Lewis Distance race here in Newport.  Our friend Peter Isler invited her and Schyler to come along when he found out we were going to be in town.  What a great day for her.  She and Schyler (chop liver) were so happy. Here are just a quick few to peek at.

Thank you Peter for making this transition to college life start with a bang!

Titan 15

Kinsey getting on board

Getting ready to leave for the practice race

Found them in the thick fog!

Peter Isler

Peter from Long Beach

Putting the sails away

After I lost the boat in the fog, I drove around and found horses.  I love them.

Interclub Regatta on Skaneateles Lake!

Every summer the sail schools hold regattas on their prospective lakes and today it was Skaneateles Sail School's turn to be the host.  Clubs from Ithaca Yacht Club, Lake George Yacht ClubSodus Bay Yacht Club and Fair Haven Yacht Club came to play and win.  And being that it was a beautiful day with lots of wind I grabbed my cameras and planted myself on the committee boat for a couple of hours. Here are a few from this afternoon.  Now that the next couple of days are shoot free I plan on editing and posting a few photos from Rachel and Alex's wedding a couple of weeks ago hopefully in the next few days!









Summer Sailing!

Every year for the past 4 years I have had alot of fun photographing the happenings of the SCC Sail School here in Skaneateles.  I have always made the time to be there for special events and the interclub regatta when it's here on Skaneateles Lake.  It is also a way to get great shots of my kids! The SCC Sail School is a great program and both of my kids have been a part of it since they were old enough to start the program.  My daughter is now an instructor and my son I am sure will be one as well when he's old enough.  They are a great group of kids who love sailing and love teaching it to all the new and returning students every year and I have captured them as they have grown as well.  It's real neat.

Here are a few shots from Open House and Pirate Day.  Pirate Day is alot of fun because it's a break from lessons and just going out on the boats and having balloon fights with the instructors.  I have to say it's my favorite of all the special days they have.

Looking forward to the Apple Race next week!

Open House - Where the parents come and see what it's all about.

Pirate Day!  Obviously, pirates no longer have the eye patch anymore!

Instructors off to save students from a Pirate attack!