unplugged and off the grid

That's it. I'm done. I'm off the grid. The cameras are tucked away and the computer unplugged. It's now time to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of my family.

The studio is closed from Saturday, December 20th at 4pm and will reopen on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

It's been a wonderful 2014 season and I look forward to 2015.

Have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you next year!


road trip

Heading to the great state of Texas to help my daughter move back to New York.

I will obviously not be in the studio

Be back Tuesday, May 27th

Chat then

memorial day


Growing up as a child my brother Alain and I spent our summers in France with our mother's family. We spent half that time at our Grandmere's house outside of Paris, and the other half at our family's summer home in Arromanches. Arromanches, also known as Gold Beach, is a little town in Normandy where the British and Canadians landed. This is where an artificial harbor was built to bring in equipment, weapons and ammunition for the D Day campaign which began on June 6th, 1944.

As children, my brother and I along with our cousin Fabrice  played on the beaches and climbed the remnants of the temporary harbor. If you google Arromanches you will see what we played on when the tide was low. We were members of Club Mickey and would build sand castles, look for jellyfish and swim in the water. We were happy kids, running around town in our little bathing suits, buying candy from the candy store, and getting fresh milk from the farm a couple of houses down from ours. It was Heaven for us. Carefree and fun, the best way to grow up. It is my favorite place in the world. My Grandpere Roger, Uncle Mario and my Grandmere are all buried there together in one grave in a little cemetery overlooking the beaches. I may have been born in Paris, grew up in San Mateo, but I am from Arromanches. I am both French and American, the best of both worlds in my opinion.

So, on this Memorial Day as we all enjoy the beautiful weather, family and friends, let's remember and never forget all those who gave their lives and continue to do so today. It is important that we teach our children the true meaning behind Memorial Day, so they too will understand the depths of sacrifice these men, women, and their families have given. Let us also salute those who are still fighting for freedom and wish for their safe return with a special shout out to our very good friend's daughter Amy Libby and my wonderful client Mark Vanderpool and his family. We thank you for all you do for us.

Thank you et Merci.



exciting news!

So excited this morning about being featured on Design Aglow's blog. Truly a treat for me since I just love Design Aglow as they inspire me everyday!!!

Please check it out!

pirates of the marina

This year Schyler and I decided to pull our sailboat off of Skaneateles Lake and sail with the big dogs on Lake Ontario. Even though Skaneateles is a stunning lake, it was getting too small and we felt as though we were little goldfish swimming around and around the same bowl. That being said, we found a new home for Blue 30 at the amazing Fair Point Marina in Fair Haven, New York. We adore this marina because for one, our very good friends Jon and Arline Libby are there during the summer, and two, the marina and it's owners are super neat and have an annual summer bash for all of their boaters and campers. You just can't go wrong here. Thank you Tim and Cheryl for a lovely spot to spend our weekends, and a nice place for Blue 30 to chill while we're gone. Jon and Arline, you guys are great too!!!

archiving shamrock | kinsey 2004

My personal mission the past several months has been to organize all of my personal photographs into one location.  Going back to 2003 when I first went digital with my Nikon D100, I am amazed at how many photographs I have taken over the years.  I'm also shocked at how many remain tucked away in folders either on my studio hard drives, laptop, or my G4 tower at home.  They are all waiting to say hello again.

2004 brings me to a folder titled Shamrock B/W Series.  Inside I find the series of studio light portraits I did with my children when I lived on Shamrock Road here in Skaneateles.  Kinsey was only 12 when we took these, and now at 20 I still see these emotions in her.

Kinsey will be coming home next week after finishing her second year of college.  I think I will try to convince her to do a second series of black and white photographs.  I'm sure she'll agree it's time.

I love you McGrew, and I can't wait to see that little beat up Saab come flying into the driveway.


kinsey at shamrock

kinsey at shamrock


I first met Armory over a year ago when I photographed Lexi & Steve's wedding one January evening.  She never Lexi's side while getting ready, and even walked down the aisle with her little collar filled with beautiful flowers.  She was beyond adorable.  On a beautiful spring day, we all got together and did Armory's own photo session.  She was happy as she trotted around chasing stones and sticks.  She made us laugh.

Armory passed away shortly after the session from cancer, leaving us all heartbroken.

Rest in peace beautiful Armory.  May you forever chase those little stones.


newport | part two

Newport Graveyards!

Part two of my little afternoon alone in Newport turned out to be the best.  I don't know about you, but I love old cemeteries.  This fascination dates back to my high school days when my friends and I use to hop the fence of a classmate's backyard that backed up to an old cemetery.  You could find us way up by the Parrott Mausoleum on any given weekend night.  As you drive to the center of Newport off of 138, you are taken through these really old cemeteries and for the past few years I have always wanted to walk through them. This time I found the time.  Don't take this the wrong way, but I was in Heaven just wandering around aimlessly amongst the rows of crooked tombstones.  Most of the stones in the oldest part date back to 1773, and were almost unreadable depending on what direction they were facing.  Time and weather have taken their toll.  Walking quietly amongst the abandoned souls from the 1700's was actually quite beautiful and peaceful.  Next time I will plan better and wander amongst the slanted rows at night and see if I see something!  That would be beyond my wildest dreams.  I'll make sure the Bug is running and ready to roll!

Hope I don't freak anyone out.

newport | part one

I love Newport.

My son Keefe and I were in Newport this past week visiting Kinsey who goes to school in nearby Bristol.  On a day where he preferred to stay at the Inn, I decided to take take some time for myself and see what I could find in the dense fog that hovered over Newport that afternoon.  With my camera in tow, I began my mini road trip to see what would catch my eye.  I could have gone on forever, but alas, I had a 15 year old and 4 college students waiting for me to take them out to dinner.

Thank you Keefe for being lazy that day and letting me go and play.  It was the best gift you could ever give me.  As I mentioned, I love Newport and wish I could spend more time there.  I'm sure I will someday.

wppi 2011 • las vegas!

Alice at WPPI Las Vegas!

One of the things I love about my business is that I can go to this awesome conference every year to check out new products, take classes, and most important touch base with all the wonderful vendors that are a big part of my business.  It's great to see them every year and chat face to face instead of over the phone or email.  This year Erica came with me to check out the show and have a little bit of fun.  The funniest part was having Elvis take our photos at the famous Las Vegas sign as we were on our way to airport.  You can check him out with Erica's photo.  He was a riot.

I learned alot of new things, met some cool people, held and fell in love with my next camera, and dreamed as I walked through the Louis Vuitton store in City Centre.  For anyone who really knows me, you just know how much I love my Louis.

Can't wait until WPPI 2012!

my daughter kinsey • the washington capitals ultimate fan

My daughter Kinsey, who is a communications major at Roger Williams University is a die hard hockey fan.  She lives and breathes for the sport, and her team is the Washington Capitols.  She follows them passionately and recently started a blog about the team.  Instead of me trying to explain it, it's just easier for you to read her own words.  She is amazing and I just had to share this with everyone.

Learning to Capitalize

Love her play on words!