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Well, this is a little embarrassing. I was just about the post Tracy & Mike's wedding from last August when I realized I never designed a post of their amazing engagement session.Ugh, I really stink at keeping on top of all this stuff! Anyway, here is the post from their September 2012 engagement session and you will have to wait a few days for the wedding one. :-)

tiptoe through the tulips with lauren + jimmy • skaneateles engagement photography

Okay, so we didn't tiptoe through the tulips, but we did tiptoe and laugh through the beautiful Sycamore Hill Gardens one summer afternoon.  I titled the post tiptoe because as I was going through the images, I was reminded of when I was a child and my father used to watch a variety show called Roland & Martin Laugh In.  One night, way back when, Tiny Tim was a guest and he sang a song called "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" with a ukulele.  For some reason that memory popped into my head as I looking through the gallery and now I can't stop thinking about it.  You have to check it out. It's a riot.

Anyway, back to Lauren and Jimmy!  We indeed laughed the whole time while discovering the gardens.  We were amazed at all the sculptures hidden here and there.  However, the one we found in the middle of the maze made us pause.  Lauren and Jimmy, you know which one I am talking about!  We just stood there looking at it, not quite sure what to make of it.  I think I might have even dropped my camera.

Well, I look forward to photographing your beautiful wedding in 2012!  Thank you for a great afternoon.

sycamore hill gardens

sycamore hill gardens

sycamore hill gardens

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kerrie & ben I skaneateles lake engagement session

A couple of weeks ago my very cool friend Andrea Casey had to come out for an engagement session with Kerrie & Ben who are getting married next July here in Skaneateles.  Being that Andrea moved to Saratoga this past summer I jumped at the chance to spend some time with her and to meet Kerrie and Ben.  They are awesome ( Andrea just loves you), and it was especially great to play with Andrea again.  Andrea we need to get you some good water shoes so that you can go into the lake!  I wish we could work together all of the time!!!! Looking forward to capturing Kerrie and Ben's wedding with you next summer.








Alison & Nick I Skaneateles Engagement Photography

I am shooting Alison and Nick's wedding next May and we got together a few weeks ago while they were in town for an engagement session.  We started at the Sherwood Inn and then headed to Anyela's Vineyards for some wine tasting.  Nick and Alison are wine lovers and they thought that would be a neat place to have some fun. Thank you Alison and Nick.  It was a great time and I am looking forward to your wedding next year!!

Starting in the Village

In front of the Sherwood Inn

In a field at Anyela's


Walking in between the vines

love this moment


Susie & Joe's engagement session in Cazenovia

Being that Susie and Joe were in town taking care of  wedding details for their upcoming big day in August, we decided to get together in Cazenovia for their engagement session.  We started at Lorenzo Historical Site and then worked our way to the lake for a few shots before taking a little stroll along Cazenovia's main street.  Being that it was a beautiful warm day and we had been walking around for quite a bit, we decided we were quite thirsty and stopped at The Brae Loch Inn for a quick pint.  Joe loved the fact that a beer was part of the session! Thank you Susie and Joe, I really enjoyed the session and look forward to the wedding!!










At The Brae Loch Inn