2009 Seniors - It's that time of year!

I just got back from visiting the school my daughter will be attending in the Fall and I could have sworn she was born just the other day.  Where does the time go?  It was fun watching her and her brother walk the campus chatting.  I wonder what they were thinking.  Of course, they didn't share.  They have their own little world.   Anyway, being back in the studio this morning I decided to post some of the announcements and collages I offer for my seniors.  I really have a blast when I am photographing them.  Each one with their own personality and vibe.  Each shoot is so different and I love when the parents come and pick up the proofbooks.  They, as I did, clutch them like treasure.  The look on their faces as they quickly flip through the book in the studio before bringing it home is priceless.  It makes my day. senior1senior2senior3