Tessa & Hobbs

Yesterday I had a senior session with Tessa and her horse Hobbs.  I met them at the barn and we began the session and realized quickly Hobbs had nothing to do with the reflector I had hoped to use.  I had given Tessa the round disc for her to slowly show Hobbs so that he would not be frightened of it.  All went well as she held it and his eyes popped open a bit but seemed calm and cool with it.  However, once Tessa was in place and I raised the big scary thing, he took off!  That was the end of the reflector.  It's not like it's a dog running away.  It's a big 1300lbs animal on the loose! It was alot of fun and I loved the fact Tessa could do anything with Hobbs (with the exception of the reflector) and he would just play along.  It's obvious there is an intense trust level there.  What a great way to start the day.  For anyone who loves horses and barns, you know what I mean!

Here's a few to peek at.

Thank you Tessa and Hobbs for a great morning.


Hobbs, after we got him back from his trot

Tessa & Hobbs


Just love this one


LOVE this one!