The moving trucks are coming today...

Today my really, really good friend and fellow fabulous photographer Andrea Casey is leaving me!  She and her family are moving to Saratoga Springs tomorrow and I will really miss her. I met Andrea over a year ago by chance when I came across her website.  It was stunning and I remember bookmarking it.  A month or so later a couple inquired about a wedding date in which I was already booked for, so I sent them Andrea's link.  I told them I did not know her but from what I saw on her site and blog I thought she would be a very cool person.  They contacted her, and unfortunately for them she was already booked as well.  This is how I got to know Andrea...she sent me the sweetest thank you email and we became instant friends and colleagues.  It has been so nice to have someone to bounce things off of and also to work with.  We did a few weddings together this season which were great and full of laughs, and have a couple already planned for 2010.

Andrea, you are the best and even though I know we will still mostly likely talk on a daily basis, I will miss you terribly.  I wish you, Ryan, Luke and Caleb the best in your new digs and surroundings and I know you will thrive in the Saratoga area with your beautiful talents and personality.

Here are a few photographs I took from a session with Andrea and her family on a very foggy September morning at Beak & Skiff!


A foggy morning at Beak & Skiff

The fog just getting thicker!

Andrea & Caleb

The infamous soybean field!