Ms. Samantha, Cujo and a cow

Yesterday was my first high school senior session for the Class of 2010 and it was a full of little surprises.  We first started at the studio for the traditional portrait and then packed up the gear, clothes and a chair and went scouting for cool places to takes some shots.  We started in the village, then off to Clift Park where a crew member of The Judge Ben Wiles kindly let us aboard so we could grab some shots on the boat.  From there we went to the Sherwood Inn for a few there and then off we went on our adventure in the countryside. While driving around a few weeks ago I had found this great truck that I knew would be a cool backdrop, so off we went in search of the Chevy.  We were doing well with the Chevy shots, having a great time, thinking of neat ways to photograph Samantha until we were up on the road for some shots there when all of the sudden a big black drooling Cujo looking dog came up from where the truck was....he was not a happy camper!  Needless to say, I highly doubt I will be going back there unless I have a huge steak for him.  Then again, he really looked like he would have rather captured his meal!  We got into the car and left.  While driving back home we saw some great hay wagons on the side of the road so we stopped and grabbed a few shots there as well.  Not soon after we got there we had created a fuss with the cows in the field next to the wagons, we now had an audience.  One actually snorted at us!  I think they thought Samantha would look better with a pair of the earrings they were all wearing.

Oh well, here's a few from yesterdays session.  A great start for 2010!

Thank you Samantha!





On The Judge Ben Wiles


Chevy Truck


ooooh, there's Cujo



The little cows...